Believe Me This Is The Truth And More

19 May, 2021

“LIFE is too short” – the old saying goes.

A well-respected coach of cricket, Doug Ferguson once said something along those line, when I told him about me not playing anymore;

“You’re a long time dead Gary.” he said.

Cricket has been part of my life since I was 7 years old.

During those summer months, late 80’s to mid 90’s – My friends and I played cricket nearly everyday for years in the back streets, local parks or cricket grounds.

However, as you get older things do become less important and other things take over and become far more important – don’t they?

Looking after my children on a weekend was one, whilst my wife worked. This was much bigger than playing one game of cricket at the weekend.

Plus, during the week I worked away from home for 2-4 nights every week for about 14 years.

I’ve allot of things to be grateful for in life. One of them is my beautiful wife Kelly and our two children Liam and Lewis.

But TIME doesn’t stop for anyone …

And times change, so does LIFE …

Time must fly as well –  It must do – where have those years gone?

I’ve been married to my wife Kelly for 20 years this July. My Liam will be 17 next month and Lewis coming up 13.

But most of all I really hope – I’ve made them ALL proud with what I have / we have achieved as a small family.

If truth be told – I feel in love with cricket at the age of 7 years …

So the question is …

Why did I suddenly return to playing cricket in my early 40’s after a huge gap of 15 years?

Well … ONE DAY … I won’t be a cricketer anymore.

I won’t have those bruises after getting hit by the ball.

I won’t be able to hold up my bat to acknowledge applause from the crowd after scoring a 50 or so.

I won’t to be able to play cricket in the same team as my sons, Liam and Lewis,

My team mates will become distant and those jokes and laughs will become limited. Almost silent!

Eventually, the one sport I have always loved and my playing days will come to an end.

The one thing I relied on to escape my problems for a few hours and whilst batting shut myself off from the outside world, won’t be there anymore.

One day I won’t be a cricketer.

I’ll just have the memories of one.

That’s WHY I started playing cricket, the game I LOVE! 

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