Do You Have a Screw Loose?

30 Apr, 2021

DURING the International NLP Trainers Training of 2014 in Thailand, my whole mindset was focus around being proactive with any downtime I had, getting out of my comfort zone and learning from the local people.

This was a perfect opportunity for me to create some metaphors for when delivering group NLP trainings and private NLP coaching sessions.

On my first day, whilst travelling to the Hyatt Recency from Bangkok Airport, I noticed a large colourful sign saying ‘Sitjaopho Muay Thai Gym’ which was situated about 2 miles up the road from where I was staying in Hua Hin.

One evening, I decided to visit the gym and after a few minutes of watching, I was really impressed at the amount of sheer determination, true gift and outstanding effort that each fighter was putting into his own personal performance.

A WOW moment if ever there was one!

Maybe the fighters really believe what the gym believes “Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever”.

Alongside a passion for why they do what they do, perhaps this belief was the power behind what I was seeing in front of my eyes OR was it something else.

During my stay at the gym, a guy named Klaus, who had previously lived in England for a few years, noticed me and invited me over to watch a fight of two rising fighters.

He spoke good English, so I asked him about the mental side of Thai Boxing.

He said “A good thai boxer puts his mind on one thing at a time. He is not concerned with the past or the future, but only with what he is doing at that moment.”

After the fight, I observed Klaus giving feedback to one of the fighters and one thing was crystal clear.

There was no evidence to suggest that he was coaching skill or technique, but what he was coaching here was the fighters mindset.

He said; “In life as well as in the ring an unfocused or ‘loose mind’ wastes energy.” 

During the flight, Klaus had felt the fighter was not focused 100% on his opponent, because he was rattled by a few punches, which was an unusual sighting for anyone who knew of him.

He added, “If you can’t empty your mind of other thoughts, then your mind isn’t tight, keep the screw turned or you will leave yourself open for attack and pain.” 

Upon leaving the gym, I noticed a large sign hanging above the door, which read the following:

“I can defeat you physically with or without a reason – But I can only defeat your mind with a reason.” – Jim Lau.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a fighter to translate this attitude, but what if you considered for a moment …

How specifically can you utilise the above thinking in your personal and professional life? –

Who do you know that would benefit from hearing the words of Klaus? –

What if you learned how to coach the mindset of those people around you, how different would their thinking be in the future?

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